Indicators on Church of Scientology You Should Know

I assumed so much too. Steve Hassan and Lawrence Wright come across as caring honest men and women not the monsters that Miscavige portrays them as.

I like that this expose has introduced people alongside one another rather then tear them apart…thanks Mike and Leah.

Amazing series! I’ve been obsessed, disgusted and indignant all at the same time. It’s a crime what is and has become going on at the rear of shut doorways. Mike, when Steve Hassan spoke on to you regarding how terrified he was of you, it upset me that you just didn’t apologize to him. You spoke up to now how considered one of The explanations that you are carrying out this was to help make up for each of the ‘Erroneous’ you’ve finished to so Many individuals.

I'd personally picture which the “elite” (celebs)aren’t permitted to view “Aftermath”, so they continue to be in the dark…Until a person has long gone secretly versus CO$….they can continue to be within. I'm able to only say thank you to Leah, Mike, and all individuals who have been featured in the documentaries for stepping forward with their tales.

I havent found it and am no specialist on this issue. Google is your Good friend. I also recommend you study Barefaced Messiah and Heading Apparent. There's a whole lot of information in there relating to this matter.

Properly stated McCarran…….every single individual found as what they are HUMAN….who believed they had been involved with encouraging the World develop into a greater spot. Regrettably, like some items, if a little something Appears to good to generally be correct….it almost certainly isn’t real…a bitter lesson to know..

Any “church” or spiritual Firm, or its representatives, that commit what can be regarded as personal sins among its associates – or felony acts inside the more substantial society they work in – justifies to generally be uncovered and prosecuted so individuals that experienced at its hands can get justice.

Mike, you existing the knowledge so eloquently, encounter so clever and very well spoken. How did you receive the education to be so after you invested so a few years while in the cult?

Ps…I've written Absolutely everyone have a peek here I could imagine such as the Human Rights organization. Just asking yourself when you and Leah could reach out to other people who are out in other nations, could you probably technique the United Nations?

With reference to LRH as well as beginnings of additional resources pre Scientology, there was an episode of Ghost Adventures recently in which Zak B and crew did a lockdown within a residence in (I think) L. a. in which someone was locked in a closet by LRH (again I am not 100% specific it was LRH) and Other individuals and held there until they have been totally mentally forced into complete submission to LRH and/or members.

Yvonne Gillham-Jentzsch with her then partner, Heber have been entertaining The pinnacle on the neighborhood Moonies Business in order to clearly show how maligned ALL alt-religions were. And to gather to scientology allies.

You person really are a hero. Leah is set. Just more tips here hurting definitely terrible right this moment. We all bow to you personally and Leah nd for the friends that you just’ve had about the present. It’s not a question of time 2.

Michele Kalis, Farrakhan is top the group called “Nation of Islam”, if not called the “Black Muslims”, which isn't an actual Muslim group, but a racial separation and superiority motion, and is not recognized by groups following Islam. Make sure you examine somewhat about them below:

You did this the proper way and it’s earning a change in lots of life. Just reading what Anyone thinks on this blog helps me over I am able to say. So thank you to all responders also.

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